Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I Tawt I Taw a Sun!

Tweety bird had this catch phrase that he repeated whenever he saw Silvester:
"I tawt I taw a puddy tat! I did! I did tee a puddy tat!" 
It was an exaggerated expression, but never was a cry for help. On contrary, Tweety was the villain on that show and he always had fun tormenting that poor cat. For sure, it was an high pitch expression of joy.

People in Helsinki kept screaming with a similar joy, almost for three continuous weeks. The sun, being the object in our case. Nobody could believe how long the good weather lasted in Finland. And remember, we are at the White Nights period, so the sun light ended at 11 pm smth. Parks and beaches were filled with sun-bathing people. City center was crawling with topless -sometimes bottomless also- cyclers and roller skaters. It was like a normal European city in summer, almost.

These weeks weren't sugar-coated for me, I had some huge stress creating stuff. However, why to be down when such a rare event was happening?! I too enjoyed the best of this unexpected summer: Lunches outside, laying around parks, grill parties and finally, kayaking.

I was always envious of people who were doing water sports at the city center. Swimming is not so optional in polluted Baltic sea, so paddling is a better choice. Last weekend, me and Suvi (a colleague/friend), we rented some kayaks at Töölö - a seaside district in the center-,  for four hours. The pricing was reasonable for most of the places in Helsinki and the area secluded from the big ships was wide.

I hopped into my bikinis, rejected the wind cover and went to the sea with Suvi. She is definitely more athletic and experienced than I am, so most of the time I followed her like a little duckling. We were almost alone in the sea, except some sea birds and few other people who were kayaking. I am so full of cartoon references today, but I cannot help it! It was kinda like being Pocahontas singing and rowing her canoe at the river. Thankfully, we weren't running away from potential warrior husbands or so called responsibilities.  Though I can get her, it is really mind opening to be out in the nature, jumping with the waves.

After first two hours, it got a bit windier and the waves got bigger. We decided to take a break at Seurasaari and pulled our kayaks at a beach. It was our private beach: A small picnic and some chatting. Flowers covering the grass and the squeaky wooden table were the bonus. Everything was perfect. For me, the take home message of the day is the beauty of the friendship and how it can transform you. Whenever I am around Suvi, I feel super motivated: She has this super power over me.

I am also sharing our estimate route, which I have drawn with my awesome paint skills -not included in my CV, yet-. Pink marks are for start, green is for the return route, and the place marked with a star is our private beach. Lauttasaari region at south of the map was kinda restricted, so we didn't go towards there. We must have done some kms, even though I don't know the exact amount. Three whole hours, we paddled: Should be a record for me to exercise for so long. My upper arms were so sore. Totally worth it though, I even got some tan on my face and arms (lol).

That was then, and now... Helsinki is back to its regular summer vibe: Cloudy, windy and rainy. The forecast claims the sun will be back soon (?). People were complaining about its being too hot, so they better enjoy the rain. I know I will!