Saturday, October 28, 2017

Think Corner: A space for connecting all kinds of thoughts

I always mention the perks of being a student in Helsinki, though there was something missing. From the first day I arrived here, I was looking for the perfect place to study. University's libraries didn't attract me a lot because of their opening times, tiny working space or other reasons. Actually, I am mostly adapted to work sitting on my bed, sipping my tea. However, it doesn't always work: I don't like being isolated from others for so long -especially if I need to open my thoughts, not only to study in a straightforward way-.

So finally, I found the perfect spot: Think Corner (Tiedekulma), which is located in the city center -just behind the main university library-. This space belongs to the university also somehow: It is kind of a cultivator for entrepreneur minded students' ideas. A place for inspiration.

The design of the place is very Finnish. Wood covers the entrance and the whole interior from the walls to the ground. At the first floor especially, I kinda feel like I am in a giant, multi-functional sauna with a modern touch. And I must say, the staff and volunteers are also very friendly. I feel very welcome and relaxed through the whole time I spent inside Think Corner.

The building includes study space, some beanie chairs to chill, a small cafe with delicious food and reasonably priced coffee, some office area, a common kitchen which is open during weekdays and events, and and... there is a big UniSport facility, the Kluuvi branch.

For me and V*, nowadays a typical Sunday goes like this: Come study for couple of hours at the second floor with the big windows, then go to our favorite yoga class in Helsinki -Flow yoga with Maya-. A great way to shake of the weekly stress while getting prepared to the next week.

I did enough advertising I believe. Come to one of Think Corner events or just for a quick peak and check the place yourself. I guarantee you won't regret it. Maybe see you tomorrow there!